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Attention to every single detail.


Craftsmanship: Our strength!

We offer a collection of mainly women’s scarves and ponchos, where creativity, research and innovation are in constant development.

The materials used for the winter and summer collections are wool
cashmere, viscose, modal, linen, cotton, silk and everything that is innovative and that fashion trends suggest.

The weights vary to offer comfort every season, the many prints in energetic and vital colours alternate
energetic and vital colours alternate with essential and classic colours, an articulated palette that meets the style of every person.

Attention to every single detail.

We offer a tailor-made service that makes each scarf unique and exclusive.

From yarn dyeing to garment dyeing, from needlework to the most varied printing techniques, from embroidery to special applications and coatings, Mylab makes craftsmanship its strong point.

Attention to every single detail is fundamental.

We can define My Lab as a small, young and energetic reality that is growing and establishing itself on the national and international market.

How to contact us


Via Tourcoing 40/P 20100
59100, Prato, Italy

Tel: 0574 591779

Monday-Friday: 09:00–17:00
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Where to find us